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Adapted cars

Accessibility. NMI Seats

  • NMI ofrece una gama de asientos de protección contra impactos traseros (RIPS) adecuada para su uso como asiento o para fijación de la silla de ruedas y el usuario.
    1. Rotating King RIPS (RKR) Mk2: The RKR is a dedicated wheelchair station that cleverly slides on a base plate to accommodate the maximum number of wheelchair types and neatly rotates to store against the vehicle wall, giving the optimum aisle clearance needed to bring the wheelchair client between seating.
    2. King RIPS. Slides on a base plate to accommodate the maximum number of wheelchair types.
    3. Fixed Rips are typically used in Accident and Emergency and Front Line Ambulances. Tested as a seat to comply to the positional and strength requirements EC Directive 76/115 EC as amended by 2004/41/EC.
    4. All Removable Rips locate into tracking with 330mm pitch. They are all securely located into the tracking using patented Millennium fittings.They all have wheels located at the rear of the base to allow for easy manoeuvring of the seat. These are widely used in minibus vehicles.They have the flexibility of being easily removed between different vehicles


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Accessibility. NMI Saferiders

  • It will secure a manual wheelchair only and provide the wheelchair passenger occupant belts. Securement of the wheelchair is using a hand operated ratchet with webbing.
  • To use with 4 point webbing tie downs and lap/diagonal belt through the Saferider back. No need for additional fixing to the vehicle wall.
  • Back and belt are adjustable.
  • Ideal for Ambulance and Minibus vehicles
  • The latter was designed so that it could be used in the same tracking on the vehicle when a stretcher is not being used. (NMI stretcher lock clamps locate in 255mm pitch track also)


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Accessibility. Sit Safe, for kids

  • Sit Safe is a patented child seat integrated into the back of a normal bus seat.
  • Sit Safe will normally function as a passenger seat with 3 point belt.
  • Easily transformed into a child seat by a simple one lever operation.
  • Sit Safe is suitable for toddlers weighing up to 18kgs and offers the ultimate in safe travel.
  • Sit Safe is suitable for many types and modes of transport vehicles. Fully tested to the required regulations.


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